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The "Sex and the City" Opening Almost Looked SO Different

If you watched HBO's iconic Sex and the City, you're very familiar with the show's opening sequence.

Carrie Bradshaw struts down the street in a tank top and a pink tutu, sees her face on a bus, and then almost instantly that same bus splashes her with dirty street water. Cue horrified expression from our heroine. However, the intro we can all practically envision in our sleep almost looked completely different.

Entertainment Weekly has unearthed archived footage featuring an alternative intro, where Carrie (clad in blue) wanders down the street, sees her face on the bus, and promptly trips over her own feet in surprise. Still funny, but it's just not as classic as the intro we all know and love.

According to the article, the show's producers didn't immediately see the magic behind the pink tutu look at first. Luckily Sarah Jessica Parker and costume designer Patricia Field went to bat for the outfit, explaining that it made sense based on Carrie's fashion choices throughout the course of the series. Check out what the show's opening could have looked like below:

'Sex and the City' Had Alternate Opening Credits-and They're So, So Different

Regardless of whether you've seen an episode of Sex and the City , you're likely familiar with a very specific tableau from its opening credits: A bus bearing her face splashes dirty water all over Carrie Bradshaw, who wears a plain tank top and pink tutu on a Manhattan street.


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