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Claw Machine Fan Collects Toys And Donates To Kids

Chen Zhitong, a 35-year-old man living in China has set a new world record.

Last year alone, he won around 15,000 different stuffed animals. Needles to say, he has definitely mastered the art of the claw!

During a YouTube interview with Great Big Story, Chen told them that “When I play the toy claw machine, the owners are not happy. Some buy me meals and beg me not to play their machines.”

We mean, we cannot balm the owners at all! We would also be fearful of our game’s well being after this claw professional came though.

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Chen Zhitong, Master Mesin Pencapit Boneka yang Sudah Mengumpulkan 3.000 Boneka Hadiah https://t.co/KBl0blZ27i

Before he places his money into the machines, he assess the game and places them into two categories. The first being if it is skill-based and it it is programmed for people to lose. Yes, there are some arcade games on the market that are just created to become unwinnable.

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Chen Zhitong jago bgt main mesin boneka dan berhasil ngendapatin 3.000 boneka selama 6 bulan. Gokil! 🙁 #TRAXNAMBAH

His main focus, when he goes to the arcade, is only ht legendary claw machine. However, Chen will not play just any game, he selects them based on the claw. Some aspects he looks for in a claw is if they grip tight and its holding capacity.

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Chen Zhitong de China, con 30 años fue nombrado "el rey de la máquina de peluches" y ya ha ganado más de 3.000.

The harder the claw grips, the better the device can rotate, and the election of toys in the machine are all keys to his success. His obsession may seem extreme, but Chen has an ulterior motive when he wins these today. He donates them to struggling kids.

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หนุ่มจีน Chen Zhitong ในฝูเจี้ยนเป็นเจ้าแห่งตู้คีบตุ๊กตา กวาดมาแล้วกว่า 3,000 ตัว เคล็ดลับคือต้องช่างสังเกต ใจเย็นๆ

Last year, he told New York Daily News that he estimates he donated about “1,000 toys to schools for the deaf and the blind. Those kids were thrilled and I was happy, too.” Currently, his apartment is stuffed with…well, stuffed animals. Chen has no plans on stopping his arcade sport and he hopes to continue donating to children as his winnings continue!


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