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Halsey Has A New Music Video And Single, And It's Very 1996 'Romeo + Juliet'

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is Halsey's next album, which the release date has not been shared.

In the flip side, the main female character seems to be playing closer to the Leo role, while the male lead leans more toward the Claire Danes role.

Down to the Hawaiian shirts, and the fact that their love will have interference, and, y'know, the guy is wearing the signature wings. There's quite a bit of gunfire, as well as the pair splitting up at the end, and the blue haired girl, moving into exile.

Halsey - Now Or Never

"Now or Never" appears on Halsey's forthcoming album hopeless fountain kingdom.


Clearly these videos are going to be moving forward as a story, so keep your eye out for the next installment.


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