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Why Is Ryan Murphy Doing 'American Crime Story' On The Versace Murder?

American Crime Story, just like any other Ryan Murphy original, is always a stellar interpretation. So why the Versace murder?

Today is Donatella Versace's birthday, and she will be portrayed by Penelope Cruz, which honestly, could you pick anyone better? According to Deadline, the character of Donatella is a central character.

But why did Ryan Murphy choose the 1997 assassination of fashion designer Gianni Versace, Donatella's Brother?

Ryan was quoted in Entertainment Weekly at Entertainment Weekly’s PopFest saying the following:


“The tragedy of the Versace murder was that it should not have happened. He should have been caught by then. But he wasn’t caught because he was targeting gay people, and people didn’t care. That’s why Gianni Versace was killed, for the most part. So it’s a really tragic story and I’ve always said the thing that makes me cry the most in the world is lost potential, or lost possibility, and I think he was such an amazing force taken too soon for reasons which he shouldn’t have been. That is a true crime story in America, so we’re tackling that.”

Edgar Ramirez has been cast as Gianni, while the serial killer, Andrew Cucanan, will be played by Glee alum Darren Criss.

Many people were questioning why Lady Gaga wasn't going to be cast as Donatella Versace, and the answer was pretty simple, that her schedule wouldn't allow it. Ryan told Variety that “When you’re going to do a show like Versace, it’s a five-month commitment, it’s a very big show, we’re shooting it all over the world. So I just don’t think with her schedule, I knew that it would never had worked. But I would love to work with her on something in the future.”

Ricky Martin has also been cast in the FX series according to Deadline, and he will play opposite Ramirez as his partner, Antonio D'Amico.

The series is pegged to start in 2018, so Donatella still has time to not be in the spotlight so much until the series premieres. Because, as you know by watching the O.J. Simpson American Crime Story, everyone wants a reaction from the people involved.


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