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Watch: Jimmy Fallon Has a Hilarious Twist on "Take Your Child to Work" Day

Jimmy Fallon has put a hilarious spin on the old "Take Your Child to Work" day concept in a new video for his show.

In it, he sits down with groups of parents and kids and asks the little ones to explain what exactly they think their moms and dads do all day. The answers are priceless and include plenty of cringe-worthy takes about the parents' jobs. This includes one little boy who explains that his mom doesn't enjoy "having to agree with all the clients" and that she comes home "a little grumpy." Check it out below:

Take Your Parents to Work Day with Jimmy Fallon - The Tonight Show

In honor of Take Your Child to Work Day, Jimmy talks to kids about what their parents do all day at work.

Other high points include the boy who believes his mom's office includes only a desk, two chairs, and a shelf with two packs of gum. Sounds like an ideal decorating scheme.


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