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5 Things We Want Liam Neeson To Find For Us

Liam Neeson. Expert in trying to find things. Now, we just need a movie where Tommy Lee Jones is chasing him. Who wins in that fight?

Today is Liam Neeson's birthday, and though he's an action star to a degree, he's a brooding action star that's is pretty doggone good-looking. In honor of this, we present the thing that inspired this list: his role in Taken.

Taken Phone Speech [HD]

The 'particular set of skills' phone speech from the movie Taken (2008).


Considering Liam's "particular skills," may we present this to Liam: 5 Things I Need Him To Find Immediately.


All The Socks That Have Gone Missing From My Dryer

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Seriously though, I'm pretty sure that my dryer leads to Narnia and Mr. Tumnus eats my socks.



A Pair Of High Heels That Truly Don't Hurt

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I would wear heels all day if they were comfortable. So until Liam finds me some cushy heels, I'll stick to my sneakers.


Chocolate That Doesn't Make You Fat

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C'mon, if you could eat chocolate with no consequences, wouldn't you?


The Perfect Man

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If he's out there, Neeson will find him... Just make sure you stipulate that he doesn't kill him ONCE he finds him.


Katy Perry's Sanity

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Katy Perry's dancing should be made illegal in all 50 states & US territories.

Seriously, who took Miley Cyrus's Brain and uploaded it into Katy Perry? Cuz this is getting reallllll weird....


Happy Birthday Liam!


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