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Your Favorite Cheese May Be Slowly Disappearing!

If you are anything like us, you dream in cheese.

Every meal either includes or is based on the dairy product. For fans of the Camembert cheese, you may have only a short time left with the wheel. That is right, this specific brand is slowly becoming extinct!

The Camembert de Normandie must be labeled PDO. According to the Tasting Table, this labels means that it "came from the land of butter-laden kouign-amann and briny shellfish.” As reported by Bloomberg, the label also proves that the cheese was made in a “specific region in France, made in a historically accurate way.”

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In the Normandy province, “the milk must be hand-ladled in four or more layers into specific molds” reports Bloomberg. The cows that produce the milk also live a very strict lifestyle. With a fat content of at least 38 percent, Tasting Table states that the cows much be fed “local grass and hay”.

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If you're searching for the real deal Camembert, look out for and demand these veritable fermier raw milk Camembert De Normandie.

Needless, to say this cheese is popular and sold in a variety of French markets. However, if you have ever stopped by Trader Joe’s, you may have noticed their “Camembert Cheese & Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites”.

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Camembert de Normandie https://t.co/xj3cQpJ1jV

Unless you are living in France, it is hard to get your hands on the cheese. Approximately f”our million of the 360 million wheels produced annually” are legitimate says Bloomberg. The cheese is becoming even harder to find since many farmers are no longer willing to take the time to make the complicated cheese. Another part of the issue is that large corporations are purchasing smaller cheese companies. By doing so, they are mass producing the cheese and decreasing the overall quality. Many times, the larger corporations are creating fake versions that are not PDO approved.

These factors are only making the numbers decrease, especially for people living in America. Since there is a laundry list of complex raw milk regulations, only a small number of the cheese actually make it here. People who are living in France, well, they have some time to devour the creamy food.