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If You Haven't Watched Sam Smith's Carpool Karaoke Yet, Do It Now

Sam Smith might be the most humble celebrity to ever sink into the passenger seat. 

He doesn't stand on ceremony, and he looks like he's genuinely having a good time. Not to mention James Corden said something that completely warmed his heart to the effect of when he listened to Sam for the first time, he felt he'd be listening to his voice for the rest of his life. Sam looked so choked up, and it was honestly the sweetest moment.

He also talks about how he forged a letter at school from his dad to skip school and go to a Lady Gaga concert. We're sure Mother Monster would approve.

The guy is cracking jokes about how he wants to have a funeral for his single self, and how he's great at one night stands now. If you don't laugh, you're dead inside.

Fifth Harmony also shows up, but honestly, Sam is all we care about. He keeps screaming "THIS IS MY DREAM" as they groove out in the car. The fact that Sam had no idea Fifth Harmony would be involved seemed to just MAKE HIS LIFE.


Watch it here:

Carpool Karaoke w/ Sam Smith ft. Fifth Harmony

James enlists Sam Smith to help him navigate the Los Angeles Carpool lane. During the ride, Sam shares that James was one of the first celebrities to notice and promote his music and Fifth Harmony jumps in the car for a surprise and song!


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