"Justice League" is 11th in a Ranking of All 13 Batman Movies

"Justice League" comes out tomorrow, and the reviews aren't good.  So it's not surprising that when Vulture.com decided to rank all the Batman movies from best to worst, it came in 11th out of 13.

It's obvious that Vulture prefers the CHRISTIAN BALE and MICHAEL KEATON movies.  There are five of them total, and they take up the top five spots.  BEN AFFLECK and GEORGE CLOONEY bring up the rear.  Here's the list . . .


1.  "The Dark Knight",  2008  (Christian Bale)

2.  "Batman Begins",  2005  (Christian Bale)

3.  "Batman Returns",  1992  (Michael Keaton)

4.  "Batman",  1989  (Michael Keaton)

5.  "The Dark Knight Rises",  2012  (Christian Bale)

6.  "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm",  1993  (Animated)

7.  "The Lego Batman Movie",  2017  (Animated)

8.  "Batman",  1966  (ADAM WEST!!!)

9.  "Batman Forever",  1995  (Val Kilmer)

10.  "Batman: The Killing Joke",  2016  (Animated)

11.  "Justice League",  2017  (Ben Affleck)

12.  "Batman and Robin",  1997  (George Clooney)

13.  "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice",  2016  (Ben Affleck)


Will Arnett is Batman in the "Lego" movies.  Kevin Conroy from the animated TV series did the other animated movies.

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