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We all have seen horror movies where something scary has popped up out of a person’s toilet. Well, we have another freaky story to add to your frightening repertoire. When one family in Seattle was walking into the bathroom, they noticed something odd. A snake was hiding in their apartment’s toilet.

Yes, that’s right, somehow a snake managed to find his way up into the toilet bowl. All of our childhood fears about freaky reptiles being able to go through the pipes are coming true!

KOMO-TV reports that they called the police instantly after finding the snake in the bowl. The children of the family were the first to notice the 4-foot snake hiding inside of the Lake City apartment. We can only imagine that the parents didn’t believe the kids at first.


Officers arrived at the scene to help remove the ball python. Luckily, it wasn’t a venomous constrictor and, notes the Associated Press, is a popular choice to have as a pet.

If anyone in the Seattle area is missing their pet ball python, now you know!

Both the snake and the family are safe.



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