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Can you imagine the insanity?

According to XXL Mag, it might be a reality coming our way. Rumors have been swelling that Eminem, The Weeknd, and Beyonce are the pegged headliners for the 2018 show.

Currently, the only 100% we have right now is Beyonce, who will be fulfilling her promise to the Coachella festival. Last year, she was waaaaay too pregnant to perform, so it was announced that she would cover the following year, and Lady Gaga stood in for her.

As for Eminem and The Weeknd, both have recently released music or have been touring on their albums, so it would make sense that either of these two would be tapped, especially Eminem, as he just released his album ‘Revival’ on December 15.


Who else would you like to see on this year’s Coachella lineup, or replace one of the rumored guests? Let us know below:


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