Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Making Southwest Florida Proud, One Arrest At A Time

So, this guy.  I'm going to use the word allegedly because I wasn't there.  So..... Robert Salkowski of Fort Myers allegedly walked naked through a Burger King after taking a bath in the bathroom sink. There's a term for this type of bath, keeping this post family friendly, I'll ask that you look it up if you want.  Of all the really cool things that happen here, unfortunately this is the kind of stuff we're best known for. Drunk (allegedly) naked people in Burger King.  Maybe it's because the weather just warmed up and he needed to be refreshed.  I'll bet (allegedly) drunk naked people in Burger King isn't a problem in February in Minnesota. Here's today's grand prize winner:

Here's the arrest record.  Bond was set at $1,500.  If you decide to get (allegedly) drunk and naked in a Burger King, make sure your friends can come up with $1,500 first.