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Clearly Ed Sheeran and I Have A Differing Opinion On Some Things

So here's what's up.  The sword Russel Crowe used in the movie "Gladiator" is coming up in an auction and Ed Sheeran is considering his bid.  This I fully support.  I mean really, how awesome would it be to raise that sword during a party and yell out "Are you not entertained?" Two people at the party would catch the reference to the movie and the rest would run out screaming. The ones that remained are the people you wanna hang out and do shots with.

But here's the thing. Ed doesn't want that.  Ed's plans are to display the sword somewhere in his home.

Booooooooooooring.  How you gonna buy the sword from Gladiator and hang it on the wall when the possibilities for mischief are so plentiful?  But then again, maybe Ed's planning on doing the responsible thing. And maybe there's a reason why I don't have the kind of money to do silly things such as those I described. I do random nonsensical things all the time.  Buying the sword from Gladiator, well, maybe that's not my best move.

You do you Ed. You do you.

Cheers Tom for the specs x

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