OJ Interview

The Lost Confession ...

OJ says his friend Charlie came over. He told OJ there was something that was going on at Nicole's that had to be stopped. OJ and Charlie went over to Nicole's. OJ parked in the alley and wore a wool cap and gloves. OJ says he reached under the seat to grab a knife. Charlie took it from him. OJ and Charlie went through the back gate. OJ ran into Ron Goldman. OJ says as things got heated, Nicole fell. Ron started a fight with OJ. OJ grabbed the knife from Charlie. After that, OJ doesn't remember anything. The next thing he knew, he was standing there with blood all around him. OJ laughs because it's all hypothetical. Former prosecutor Christopher Darden says he thinks OJ just confessed to murder. He says he thinks Charlie is OJ. Book publisher Judith Ragan says this is absolutely OJ's confession. Judith is the one who interviewed OJ for his book, 'If I Did It'. OJ talks about him and Charlie taking off when they see the bloody footprints. OJ talks about going back to the scene to get his bloody clothes. They had his keys and wallet in them. OJ says Charlie panicked. OJ says in the Bronco, he didn't have the gun to his head. It was in the back in a bag. He noticed all of the people at the intersections, holding signs. He wondered how all of these people had time to make signs. Fox aired a previously unreleased 2006 interview with OJ Simpson last night. OJ recalled meeting Nicole Brown for the first time. He asked her out on a date, even though he was still a married man at the time.

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