Charles McQuillan / Stringer

What's Going On?

I really can't ever remember it being this cold in mid-March.  This is the time of year to skip work and go watch a Red Sox game, then go back to work the next day and try to explain the sunburn (it's a rash - stay away). So this morning I open the sliding door to let the dog out.  She steps out, then turns and looks back at me.  Even my dog knows this ain't right.

Collier Schools are on spring break this week and it's so cold the kids will probably just spend the week inside staring at their phones. Speaking of Spring Break, honestly, I feel bad for the college students that came here to escape the winter cold only to be embraced with - winter cold.  Sorry ya'll. This is NOT normal.

And finally, for the people who always chime in with "I like the cooler weather". Stop. Just stop.

It'll be a hundred degrees with 200 percent humidity soon.  And I can't wait.