Meanwhile, In Sarasota...

We here in Southwest Florida can't hog ALL the national headlines.  On Saturday a family in Sarasota with a screened in pool found a massive 11 foot alligator swimming around like it lived there. They called Sarasota Police Department who responded to the beast with a giant NOPE and then called in a trapper to do the real work.  Has anyone ever met one of these trappers?  They're an interesting bunch. At least Sarasota Police did one thing - they captured the whole thing for social media:


‪Just no.

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Also, just to be more difficult, instead of letting himself in through the door like a civilized 11 foot beast, he plowed through a screen.  Now the homeowners not only had to deal with an alligator in their pool but they also have to rescreen.  I hope they at least got to keep the gator.  I know some people in San Carlos Park that can make some amazing gator bites with that tail.