John Moore / Staff

Hold Up. Hold Up. Hold Up. This Can NOT Be A Good Idea.

Progress is an interesting thing.  Yes we need more schools, and yes they need to be built in areas where the kids live.  But there's got to be a better idea than this.  A new Chicago Public School is being built on the grounds of an estimated 38,000 unmarked graves.  In the movie Poltergeist, they built a few houses on an Indian burial ground with a few hundred bodies.  This is a middle school being built on an area with 38,000.  Oof.

So they're not just building a school on top of a grave site, these are what could be called "tortured souls".  Victims of the Chicago fire of 1871, Civil War casualties, orphan children, patients from a tuberculosis hospital, residents who were too poor to afford funeral costs, unclaimed bodies, and my favorite - patients from the county's insane asylum.

Based on my years of watching horror movies, children are most susceptible to the spirits of the dead. Also, the souls mostly likely 'trapped' here on Earth are the ones who did not have a peaceful transfer into the afterlife.    So, Chicago, let's put a thousand or so kids on top of these unmarked graves.  My favorite line from that video "This is a lot of property and we got it for free from the state."

Whoooooooooo is going to let their kids go here?  Nope Billy, you're getting home schooled.  Anyone working on the screenplay for this movie? I don't expect a happy ending.