Cardi B's Illegal Butt Implants Leaked for Days

CARDI B admits she got sketchy butt implants in a basement in Queens for $800 . ..

Not only is CARDI B willing to admit she has butt implants . . . she's not afraid to talk about the incredibly sketch way she got them.

It happened back when she was a stripper. She noticed that the girls with the bigger backsides were making more money. Plus she had a boyfriend at the time who cheated on her with a woman who had, quote, "a big, fat ass."

So she ended up in a basement apartment in Queens, where a woman injected her cheeks with filler for 800 bucks. She says, quote, "They don't numb your ass with
anything. It was the craziest pain ever.

"I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days." Cardi wanted to go back for a touch-up, but before she could get to it, the woman
was arrested, because, quote, "somebody died on her table."