Man Loses 20 Pounds On Chipotle Diet

Fox News claims Tyler Marinelli, of Parkland, Florida, has lost 20 pounds this year on a Chipotle diet.

He tells Men's Health magazine that he eats at the restaurant every day. “I told myself if I could eat something I truly enjoy every single day, that it wouldn't be a diet as much as it was a lifestyle, and that's exactly what I was looking for. Eating 250g of egg whites followed by 350g of non-fat Greek yogurt is way more bearable when you know that Chipotle chicken and white rice are in your future. What I get is a delicious, healthy bowl that complies with my diet and satisfies all my cravings. I have not ever gotten sick of eating Chipotle and truthfully don't think I ever will. If I need a flavor change, I simply add some tabasco to it or maybe some other spice. But in three months, I've never not looked forward to eating it.