Cinco De Mayo is Saturday.  I don’t have to explain that.  But May 6th is also a recognized day.  May 6 is International No Diet Day.  The day you can say ‘no’ to dieting and treat your self to freedom of food. This day was started by the National Eating Disorder Information Center to “express frustration with social standards of appearance that pressure us to be thin.”  I’m in on the body positive movement. I’m just not in on the day they chose.   May 6th is the day to indulge on foods that you find pleasurable without the guilt.  Unfortunately May 6th is also the day after Cinco De Mayo.  The day after Cinco is the traditional day of throwing up everything all day and binge watching “The Office” on Netflix while regretting the decision of “One dollar margaritas? How can I lose?”

So in summation.  I love the idea of an International No Diet Day.  I question the choice of placing it the day after Cinco De Mayo.


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