It’s not really a yes or no answer, but more of a…. sorta.  Some casual stalking is acceptable, but sending that request or add might be a little too forward. But def be careful about liking an old picture.  Nothing screams stalker more than liking an old pic.  Don’t do it.

DMs are for hookups, not dates.  Don’t DM someone new unless their a celebrity you’re trying to hook up with (looking at you, Babs).

After a couple of dates it’s safe to proceed with the adds, but tagging your new romance is still iffy.  Prob best to take a picture and ask if they want tagged.

“Facebook Official” is actually pretty serious for some.  I think my status still shows my official relationship with a burrito.  Careful not to scare someone off.

Finally, and this should be the last thing, change your profile pic to a couples pic.  Again, check to make sure the other person is ok with this.  Just ask, maybe they have another pic they like better.

Basic rule I always follow is to check before you post something that includes someone else.  Personally, I hate when I get tagged in something and it’s a horrible pic.  Ask first.


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