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Here is all of the juiciest juice! Thursday, June 7th

Is Kim Getting Political?

Have you ever thought of Kim Kardashian as a politician icon? Her meeting with Trump worked because, great-grandmother Alice Johnson has been pardoned and freed from prison!

Could this be her showing her value as a future first lady? Kayne did say he wanted to run for President!?


George Clooney Says “Batman & Robin” Was the Movie That Had the Biggest Influence on His Career

GEORGE CLOONEY has had quite a few career highs, but it was one of the LOWS that affected his career the most.

The “Hollywood Reporter” asked George which of his movies had, quote, “the biggest influence on his craft.” And he said, quote, “It’s really easy to pick: ‘Batman & Robin’. That’s not a joke.

“Up until that moment, I was an actor only concerned with finding work. After the failure of that film creatively, I understood that I needed to take control of the films I
made, not just the role.

“My next three films were ‘Out of Sight’, ‘Three Kings’ and ‘O Brother, ‘Where Art Thou?'”


Could Donald Glover Be the Next Willy Wonka?

DONALD GLOVER has already had a big year. He played Lando Calrissian in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, and his rap alter-ego CHILDISH GAMBINO made headlines with his “This Is America” video.

And now, he might be your new WILLY WONKA. The makers of the new “Wonka” movie have him on the shortlist, along with RYAN GOSLING and EZRA MILLER.

Hey girl, I know I don’t have to explain to you who Ryan Gosling is. But Ezra Miller plays the Flash in the DC movie universe. He’s also in those “Fantastic Beasts”
movies. (Collider)


A Utah Teacher Got Suspended For Making Her Kids Read Eminem Lyrics

To all you teachers who are still in school: The finish line is in sight! All you have to do is coast for a few more days and summer is here!

Don’t be like the Utah middle school teacher who got suspended last week for having her kids read EMINEM lyrics.

Yes, a teacher in the Park City School District was doing a lesson about bias in society, and she had them read the words to the anti-TRUMP Eminem song “Like

Parents complained . . . not because of profanity, since there’s almost none in the song. It was about the message, which the district decided was too political.

The teacher wasn’t named, and the district hasn’t decided yet if she’ll be back next year.

[Here are the lyrics]


Are These the Top 50 Albums of the Year So Far? put together a rundown of ‘The 50 Best Albums of 2018 (So Far),’ according to CRITICS . . . not sales.

For anyone under the age of 25, “albums” are collections of songs . . . kind of like playlists . . . only they’re all released at the same time, usually by a single artist.

Here are 10 highlights, in no particular order . . .
1. Camila Cabello, “Camila”
2. Cardi B, “Invasion of Privacy”
3. J. Cole, “KOD”
4. Janelle Monae, “Dirty Computer”
5. Justin Timberlake, “Man of the Woods”
6. Kacey Musgraves, “Golden Hour”
7. MGMT, “Little Dark Age”
8. Post Malone, “Beerbongs and Bentleys”
9. Shawn Mendes, “Shawn Mendes”
10. The “Black Panther” soundtrack

( has the whole Top 50, with brief write-ups on each.)