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Meghan Markle Receives Major Backlash After Latest Appearance

The newest member to the Royal Family is causing quite a stir.

Meghan Markle is the victim of severe backlash after she wore an off-the-shoulder dress during the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

While some people thought she looked great, others were not impressed with the fact that she (once again) pushed the limits and went against protocol.

Ella Marie on Twitter

Can Meghan Markle for once just follow protocol and not show her shoulders or push the limits?! lol ????????‍♀️ #TroopingtheColour2018

A lot of people seemed to agree that her dress showed too much skin, especially during such a formal event. Some down right called her dress inappropriate.

Others noted that people are quick to criticize Meghan no matter what she does. For example, if her hair is back (in a messy bun) instead of down, or if she's not as dressed up as she "should be," of if her dress is "too sexy."

Even though she is a royal now, shouldn't Meghan just be allowed to be herself?

Swati on Twitter

@missyona4784 @NormanSufrin @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily "lady"? She will never be a "lady". She broke the royal protocol again by wearing a sexy dress when a more discreet outfit was de rigueur and not a "off shoulder dress". She will never learn because she craves the limelight

Jennie D. on Twitter

@KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily Happy for MM and HRH Prince Harry. However, her off the shoulder dress is inappropriate. She needs to ease her style changes. #notfullyaroyal #etiquetteplease #makeusproud

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