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Dad takes the stage, sans leotard!

If you’ve been anywhere on Social Media in the last couple weeks, you might have noticed an adorable video of a dad dancing ballet on stage with his daughters.

The internet has branded him “Daderina” after he walked on stage to comfort his distressed daughter and started doing twirls and pirouettes. It seems like his initial reaction was to try and calm her daughter from the wings of the stage, but when that didn’t work, he walked out on stage with a baby in one arm and his daughter’s hand in the other.

According to The Washington Post, this dad’s name is Marc Daniels and his a Lawyer from Hamilton, Bermuda.

While the video is taking during the dress rehearsal, Daniels told The Washington Post that he was “really proud that she wanted to do the performance on her own and showcase her talent, particularly as I did not want to become the focus of the show, especially for the other parents, and especially in light of all of the publicity. However, I wore the same red Pumas to execute the toe point, just in case!”

Daniels told The Sun that his colleagues have been poking fun at him for becoming a viral sensation by doing “twirls and plies as a token of appreciation for the video.”

Even if Daniels would have rocked some pointe shoes and a tutu, nothing can top how amazing of a father he seems to be.


Written by: Amanda Shea

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