There’s a lot of different versions of Monopoly, and now there’s one for right here in Fort Myers.  They call it “Fort Myers Opoly” and you can get it at Wal Mart.  I got a promo copy and we broke it out this weekend to see how it plays.  Here’s a pic of the board:

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Pretty straightforward, the concept of Monopoly is the same but you’re playing with Fort Myers landmarks and events. Instead of “Chance” it’s “Contingency”, instead of “Jail” you get stuck in “Traffic Jam”. The rules are the same. The cards also feature some Fort Myers landmarks and events.  It’s what you’d expect, it’s Monopoly but with Fort Myers.

If you like playing Monopoly, or you’re looking for a gift to give someone, or you’re stocking your rental for seasonal guests, it’s a good buy.

We played for about 45 minutes, then put it away and went back to Fortnite.  I mean, Season 5 is just days away.

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