5 Hacks for Baby's First Beach Trip

A day at the beach with a baby can be exciting, joyful and stressful all at the same time. Get your family to the beach the easy way with these 5 helpful hacks.

1. Baby Powder isn't just for the bum  

Did you know that baby powder will remove sand from the skin? Yep! Throw that bottle of baby powder from your diaper bag into your beach bag. When your beach babe's hands and legs are full of sand rub baby powder on them to instantly remove.

2. Jogging strollers are great for the beach 

Due to the large tires on jogging strollers they get through the sand easier than a regular stroller. Make sure your stroller has an oversized sun shade so you have a spot to put baby down for a seaside nap.

 3. Load up your laundry basket  

A cheap plastic laundry rectangular basket is a great way to haul your beach load. Tie a string to it and it will easily slide behind you in the sand. At the end of the day ou can easily throw all the sandy toys in it and hose off for a sand free trip home.

 4. Pre plan your beach food  

If your tiny tot is eating solid food, throw some baby food pouches in the freezer the night before. When baby is ready to eat, they will be extra cool and slushy.

 5. Sun protection is key 

SPF is great for baby's new skin but rash guards, hats and beach tents will provide extra protection from the hot summer sun.


This article was written by Kristin Bandit