Costco Sells Millions of Pumpkin Pies Every Year — And the Recipe Has Apparently Been the Same Since 1987

Well who knew? Costco is killin at pumpkin pies! In 2015, they sold, 5.3 MILLION pies. Pumpkin pie is ONLY sold between September and December at Costco. 1.75 MILLION of those pies were sold in the three days leading into Thanksgiving. While the pies have gotten bigger since 1987, the recipe has not changed. The pie went from 10-inch diameter to 12-inch diameter. The pies are clearly a fan favorite with one person writing on social media, whoever said money can’t buy you happiness lied, because for $6 you can buy a Costco pumpkin.

Who has the best pumpkin pie? Have you ever passed off a store bought pie as your own?

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