Would you be willing to move to a city that would pay you to relocate there? Well, some cities are resorting to new tactics to bring talent and diversity to their cities, and that includes bribing people with cash.

Tulsa, OK created a program that offers $10,000 to workers who move to the city and work remotely. That’s according to Forbes Magazine that also says Tulsa isn’t the only city that is offering perks to bring new young blood to their town.

Vermont also offers up to $10,000 for folks through their Remote Worker Grant Program. New Haven, CT is offering up to $80,000 in incentives to lure new homeowners to the region.

These incentives include home down payment assistance, cash for renovations, and in some cases free college tuition. Cities in Nebraska, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota and Alaska also offer similar programs in a new push to bring families, students, and tech workers to town.

How much money would it take for you to move to a strange new city?

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