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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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If you know someone who loves tacos and needs a new set of pajamas, Taco Bell has you covered for Christmas with their new holiday collection.

For only $78, the fast-food giant is selling three varieties of hooded onsies that look just like the packets of their famous hot sauces. To making choosing even more difficult, each one has a different phrase printed on the back. Mild says, “Good Choice;” Hot tells people, “I’m Spicy, Deal With It;” and Fire has a message for the purchaser, saying, “I Knew I Was Your Favorite.” If the PJs weren’t enough, Taco Bell also has sweatpants, socks, and a pillow for sale, all hot sauce themed.

Do people still wear full sets of pajamas at night? What do you wear to bed?

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And now Bikes…..

They also did sweaters…..