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Not all fast foods are made equally.

According to a poll from fast food employees, there are certain items that you should avoid at all costs. Topping the list are fountain drinks. Employees agreed that this machine is a hot hotbed for germs and is rarely ever cleaned inside and out. Sweet Tea and anything served in a large metal drinking container should also be avoided. Employees usually mix the teas with a large spoon and often fish it out with their grubby hands when they drop it in the container. Bread twists are also a no-no. Employees advised that you could order Parmesan bread bites and get the same amount of dough for a cheaper price. Tuna salad should also be avoided. Tuna comes in a bag as a pink rectangle and it’s 1 part tuna to 2 parts mayo.

Have you ever worked at a restaurant, what is your advice for customers?

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