Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Freckle Tattoos Are The New Beauty Trend

Lip injections, botox, and vampire facials, people are always doing something to achieve the perfect look.

The newest trend in beauty is freckle tattoos. A characteristic that was previously covered with makeup is now being admired and envied in some circles. A shift in the idea of natural beauty is said to be a driving factor behind the desire for the look of the moment. People are paying to have them permanently tatted on or are drawing them on with makeup. A tattoo artist in New York said she started doing the procedure after getting daily requests. The tattoos usually last about a year before they begin to fade depending on the amount of time spent in the sunlight. She also noted that some people with natural freckles are coming in to get them tattooed so they will look even more prominent.

Would you tattoo freckles? What is the craziest body modification that you would consider?

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