Photo by Travis Gergen on Unsplash

Firing This Actor Saved Disney Millions

Fans have had a mixed reaction to Johnny Depp not being a part of the "Pirates" reboot, and now according to a new report, the move away from Depp couldn't have been fueled by cash.

According to Forbes, the decision to move on with the "Pirates" reboot with Depp will save Disney $90 million in production costs.  Depp's Hollywood reputation, divorce, and series of movie flops have made some movie companies avoid the star and Disney seems to be following suit.  If you're wondering, the reboot of the "Pirates" franchise is said to be following the changes that have been made at the Disney attraction and will introduce a female character named Redd.

Will you be watching the reboot without Depp? Do you think that Disney is making a mistake by not casting Depp in the reboot?