A new study finds that older people share fake news links more than any other group on the Internet. Researchers at New York and Princeton University found that Americans 65 and older shared fake links more, regardless of their sex, party affiliation, race or income.

In a 2016 study published in Science Advances, it was found that out of 3,500 users 49 percent agreed to share their Facebook profile data. Only 8.5 percent of the users shared a fake news link, however, that number went up with conservative users.

18 percent of Republicans shared a fake news site, while 4 percent of Democrats shared fake news like. Researchers determined that in 2016 fake news was mostly used to promote Trump’s presidency.

As to why older people would share the most fake news, researchers say because the Internet came along later in their lives, 65-year-olds are not as literate with the technology as younger people and with declining age, some fall for hoaxes easier.

Do older people in your family have trouble using technology? What is the craziest thing an older person asked you about the Internet?

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