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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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Here is a warm and fuzzy story about a mom, dad and bonus dad all parenting in harmony.

There is biological dad, David, bonus dad, Dylan, mom, Sarah and daughter Willow Grace. David lives in New Mexico and Dylan and Sarah live in Texas. It’s a 14 hour drive. Their parenting technique? Keeping the lines of communication completely open. Dylan and Sarah text David photos and videos of Willow constantly and facetime with him daily so he does not miss out on anything with Willow. David visits as much as his job allows and all 3 of them are as flexible as they can be about holidays. The family is so close that Dylan and Sarah have their own child together, Tatum, who also refers to David as “dad.” Anytime David comes through the door, Tatum comes running screaming “dad.” Dylan says, not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a brother and a best friend.

PS ladies, David is single! Do you have positive coparenting stories?

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