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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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A Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill that would give the state the power to punish, fine and shut down clinics that have had virtually no regulation.

The bill would also give the state the power to ban doctors that perform risky surgeries from practicing in Florida for life. The bill comes after several people have died in the sunshine state while undergoing Brazillian butt lift surgeries performed by untrained staff and clinics.

Eight people have died from surgical complications from the same Miami-area clinic that offered deep discounts on various procedures. The bill hopes to finally give state health departments the power to close the clinics after a patient is injured or dies.

It would also give the state the power to revoke licenses.

Would you undergo a surgery just because it was offered to you at a discount?  What is the craziest cosmetic procedure that you think someone could have?

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