Remember back in 2012 when everyone was in an uproar over “pink slime,” the filler that was being used by Beef Products, Inc, well now the USDA has reclassified “pink slime” as “ground beef”.

BPI which previously called the filler, “lean finely textured beef” approached the USDA about the name change, “a process that took over six months and included consumer reviews, nutritional panels, and tours of the plant,” says BPI’s vice president of engineering, Nick Ross. BPI insists that the new name is not a way to hide what’s going into their ground beef but as a way to be more transparent. “This change from the USDA will allow us to provide new and innovative types of products that our process lends itself well to,” says VP of sales and marketing Craig Letch.

With this new news does it make you more or less likely to eat ground beef?

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