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Whoops! Girl Scout Cookie Buyer Story Doesn’t Have Happy Ending……

You might have seen this earlier in the week….. a South Carolina man who went viral yesterday for buying ALL of a girl scout troops cookies so they could get out of the cold was arrested! It was 34 degrees outside in South Carolina when he decided to buy all the cookies that way the girls could go inside and get warm. But it’s not looking like this story has a happy ending.

After news of the then unnamed man’s gesture went viral, it caught the attention of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, who arrested him on Tuesday. Turns out he has a name, Detric McGowan, and he’s now been charged with several crimes related to the manufacture and distribution of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. According to a spokesperson, McGowan has been on their radar since September 2018. He allegedly conspired to smuggle in more than $1 million dollars out of the United States.

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