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A German man has survived being lost at sea for hours thanks to his jeans.

Arne Murk became lost at sea after being knocked overboard and left drifting off the coast of New Zealand while he and his brother were delivering a yacht.

When he couldn’t reach a life jacket he used a trick done often by Navy Seals of using their jeans as a flotation device.

After 4 painstaking hours, Arne was spotted by a rescue copter that had been flying around the area looking for him.

What are other survival tactics that you know of if you’re ever lost? Have you ever heard of being able to use your jeans as a floatation device?

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Sea Rescue

Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean for two hours without any idea if you will be saved with 2.5 metre swells pushing you from side to side? Well that is what our Rescue Crew attended yesterday. 20 nm off Tolaga Bay, a man had gone overboard from a yacht and through the quick response from our team and other rescue services, we were able to find him. He is so incredibly lucky to be alive.

Posted by Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service on Wednesday, March 6, 2019