Beyoncé Refuses to Turn Over Private Texts with Jay-Z and Mom Tina Knowles in ‘Blue Ivy’ Battle

Beyonce is being asked to turn over texts from husband, JAY-Z and mother, Tina Knowles in an effort for a wedding planner to determine whether Beyonce had plans to use the "Blue Ivy" trademark.

Beyonce filed for an exclusive trademark for “Blue Ivy,” which is the name of her eldest daughter, the name is also owned by wedding planner, Veronica Morales. Morales’ “Blue Ivy” wedding planning business was formed prior to the birth of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s daughter, Beyonce however, hasn’t turned over any information regarding her plans for a Blue Ivy trademark and she’s seeking a protective order to keep Morales from divulging any sensitive information regarding the couple. Beyonce’s legal team claims Morales tried to sell her company to the Carters for $10 million, however, Morales is denying that claim.

Who do you think should retain the “Blue Ivy” trademark, the wedding planner who had it first or the Carters?

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