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Big Mama And The WiLD Bunch

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The iconic Cadbury Easter Bunny is going to look a lot different this season as the confectionery giant replaces their famed TV commercial mascot.

The “clucking bunny,” star of the Cadbury Eggs advertisements for 35 years, is being retired, with a new face taking its place starting next month. Hailing from North Carolina, 18-month-old Henri the bulldog won Cadbury’s first “Bunny Tryouts” competition on Saturday, beating out 4,000 other hopefuls to hawk the cream-filled chocolate eggs. Besides the newfound notoriety, Henri’s family will receive $5,000 and the ASPCA will get $10,000 from the company.

What are your thoughts on replacing the bunny in the commercials? Do you think this was the right decision?

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