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If you were thinking of a vacation to Cuba, those plans might get put on hold.

On Wednesday, the White House announced a reversal of Obama Administration policies towards the island nation. According to one official speaking anonymously to the Miami Herald, the move may limit travel to only those who have family in the country. Speaking at an event in southern Florida, National Security Adviser John Bolton said, “These new measures will help steer American dollars away from the Cuban regime, or its military and security services.” Meanwhile, those in the travel sector aren’t thrilled at the re-tightened restrictions. Andrea Holbrook, president Holbrook Travel, told TravelPulse, “We are really disappointed by the attitude of our lawmakers who don’t see the tremendous economic opportunity that the opening of Cuba represents.”

Were you thinking of visiting Cuba? What have you heard from people who have?

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If you haven’t had the chance to visit Cuba….

Let me just tell you….. Cuba is absolutely beautiful! Here are some pics from my trip to Cuba (Dec 2017).


-Mad Mel