Chris Evans Thanks 'Avengers' Fans

He was moved by the #ThankYouAvengers hashtag. Beware: spoilers ahead.

NOTE: We won't offer any spoilers here (but the below tweets might), and if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you should probably stay off of social media, and you should probably avoid any articles about the Avengers.

Avengers: Endgame was an emotional ride for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In three hours, it had the most epic battle we've seen so far, there were lots of funny moments, some truly touching moments, as we said goodbye to some characters and watched others start on new journeys.

The #ThankYouAvengers hashtag started trending, and Chris Evans, who played Steve (Captain America) Rogers in three Captain America films and four Avengers film (he also cameoed in a Thor film and a Spider-Man film) was moved by the tweets, and started a hashtag of his own.

"Some of these #ThankYouAvengers posts are incredibly touching. I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude today" he tweeted, before adding the #ThankYouAvengersFans hashtag to the conversation.

emily saw endgame x4 on Twitter

i saw iron man when i was 9 & wanted to be a superhero & engineer just like tony stark.

Olivia on Twitter

Thank you for giving us strong women to root for in a superhero movie without hyper-sexualizing them!#ThankYouAvengers


???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? on Twitter

thank you for the good times thank you for helping me make friends thank you for saving my life #ThankYouAvengers

God of Thunder ⚡️⚡️ on Twitter

How time flies ❤️ Seems like it was yesterday when the whole infinity saga was kick started. Now it ends ???? #ThankYouAvengers #AvengersEndgame

Şerefsiz Sky ⎊ | saw endgame ¦ SPOILLER on Twitter

This universe started and ended with him. #AvengersEndgame #ThankYouAvengers

black widow's widow ‎ ⍟ ‎ on Twitter

We want to thank you for making us, the fans, reunite and become this amazing huge family. Also, we thank you for giving us incredible performances of the most wonderful characters ever. You have been there since the beginning watching/making us grow and bloom. #ThankYouAvengers

grace just saw endgame on Twitter

ThankYouAvengers a thread written by me. please rt <3

riv☽ on Twitter

ThankYouAvengers love you three thousand

Matthew Ables ???? on Twitter

@Russo_Brothers As a tribute to the last 10 years, I played The Avengers theme wearing Thanos' infinity gauntlet. We love you 3000. #ThankYouAvengers

Let me go. It's okay ‎⧗ on Twitter

Family isn't blood. it's the people who love you. The people who have your back." #ThankYouAvengers ????

ariana on Twitter

ThankYouAvengers for all the cheers, laughs, tears, and love over the past 10 years. watching your characters grow and evolve in the 22 movie universe has been an honor to watch and grow up with. thank you for showing what it's like to be a family, i'll love you forever.

Tiny Avenger on Twitter

It started with just 6 and then ended with an army. It has been the best 11 years of my life❤️. I love you three thousand ???? #ThankYouAvengers

Ziggy on Twitter

Never forget the Reason for the Season #ThankYouAvengers #AvergersEndgame

farouk on Twitter

Thank you for telling us no matter how powerful you are, sometimes you have to sacrifice for greater good #ThankYouAvengers


Thank you for bringing the characters we love to life Thank you for teaching us that we can all be heroes Thank you for giving us hope Thank you for the smiles Thank you for the tears Thank you for inspiring me daily #ThankYouAvengers I love you 3000

Joseph seen Endgame. on Twitter

I was 13 when I first saw Iron Man. 21 films later and I'm 23 now. I've grown with these characters. I can't thank you enough for the countless hours of entertainment and conversations I've had with friends about this universe. Love you 3000. See you again tmrw #ThankYouAvengers

Karla on Twitter

I grew up watching the avengers and how they came to be. Watching endgame absolutely broke me but knowing that I got to experience all of these movies as I was growing up is something I will never forget. #ThankYouAvengers for everything.

sasha ⧗ saw endgame on Twitter

all i want to say is thank you for being part of my life and make these past 10 years the best of my entire life. i'm going to take this as a "see you later" and not as a "goodbye".

Michael Evan on Twitter

11 years, 3 phases, 22 movies It wasn't a long sprint, it was a marathon that starts with "The truth is I'm Iron Man" and led us all the way to "I Love You 3000" All these years; I've smiled I've cried And I get to know about Family, Love and Friendship #ThankYouAvengers

⎊ saw endgame on Twitter

to some people they're just movies, but not us. original six, you have impacted our lives immensely. growing up on this journey was truly the greatest gift. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. i don't know what do do without you guys #ThankYouAvengers