When writer, Roslyn Talusan was attacked by Ariana Grande fans over tweets she made criticizing Grande for referring to bloggers as “so lost,” “unfulfilled,” and “purposeless.”

“You f__ing realize bloggers/writers are creators, right? Just because we don’t sing or dance sh_ty choreo or culturally appropriate for profit doesn’t make our craft any less valid. suck on my balls,” Talusan tweeted. The Arianators quickly took to Twitter with death threats and going as far as to post her home address. Talusan, who’s a victim of sexual assault says she was “triggered” by the week-long harassment by Grande’s fans. Ariana sent Talusan a DM apologizing on behalf of her fans and the two discussed their PTSD and mental health journeys.

Who do you think has the most intense fans, Ariana Grande or Beyonce?

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