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Man Earns Job Working With Will Smith After Sending Email 22-year-old Aidan Tanner landed the job of a lifetime after watching YouTube videos of Will Smith, “I had that instinct like maybe if he’s going to start doing this YouTube thing, maybe he’s looking to expand his team,” says Tanner.

He emailed Smith’s content creator and got an email a month later to join Will and the team in Budapest. Tanner has since helped to increase Smith’s Instagram following to over 30 million, he’s also was the man behind the camera when Will did the “In My Feelings” challenge in Hungary and his bungee-jumping 50th birthday at the Grand Canyon.

Tanner says he wants to act and direct in the future and work with Justin Bieber, he calls his experience working with Will Smith, “wild.” How did you unexpectedly land your job? End up doing something totally different than what you were looking for?