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Joe Winner

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Warning, Game of Thrones spoiler alert, Fans were pretty upset after Sunday night’s episode. The reaction was felt throughout Twitter with several people upset about how Daenerys Targaryen took King’s Landing.

“I just want D+D to explain how Cersei was a bigger threat than the Night King when she wasn’t even a bigger threat than a handful of Euron’s ships. And how Dany could defeat a hundred scorpions with ONE dragon, but couldn’t save her ships when she had TWO dragons a week ago,” tweeted @MoreandAgain.


Dany’s quick anger with the Mad Queen left fans puzzled, “Dany was hinted at as going into madness, but what she did this episode still wasn’t earned. I agree with Dany fans on there needing to be more buildup,” tweeted @Ocelcock.

Although there is still one episode of Game of Thrones left in the final season, how do you think it will end?