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An employee at the Charlotte Correctional Institution is accused of trying to smuggle nine cell phones into the prison.

Documents say that Jasmine Cuyler set off the metal detector on Wednesday, and when she was patted down, “something large” was felt in her private area. At first she denied she had anything in her pants, saying it was a pad, because she’s on her period. However, a metal detector wand also detected something. She was asked to remove her pants, and when she did investigators found bags filled with 9 cell phones, two sim cards, batteries, and power cords. She was arrested and taken to the charlotte county jail. She’s facing several contraband-related charges.

The Florida Department of Corrections released a statement about Jasmine Cuyler’s arrest:

The FDC takes the introduction of contraband into secure facilities very seriously. The actions of Ms. Cuyler do not reflect the tireless dedication of more than 12,000 correctional officers who work each day to protect Florida communities. Cuyler was hired at FDC on 9/23/2016 and was a Correctional Officer Sergeant. The Department is moving forward with her immediate dismissal. For additional details regarding her arrest, please contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

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