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If you’ve ever wondered what major celebrity died the year you were born, has a list!

They only give one celebrity per year, and they don’t say how they chose that celebrity.

They just said, quote “It’s like your souls are linked,” which can be a little weird… depending on who you got.

Here are some of them….

1957: Humprey Boghart
1961: Ernest Hemingway
1966: Walt Disney
1969: Judy Garland
1972: Jackie Robinson
1974: Charles Lindbergh
1977: Elvis Presley
1978: Norman Rockwell
1980: Alfred Hitchcock
1989: Salvador Dali
1991: Dr. Suess
1993: Audrey Hepburn
2004: Marlon Brando
2008: Heath Ledger

See the full list here