KESWICK, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 08: A competitor enjoys the day during a vintage car rally stage at the Honister Slate Mine on November 8, 2014 in the Lake District, England. The event, part of the Lakeland Trials, is held annually by the Vintage Sports Car Club and challenges drivers and their machines through hairpin bends and rocky terrain against a backdrop of awe-inspiring scenery. (Photo by Anna Gowthorpe/Getty Images)

Driving An Older Car? You Are Not Alone If your car is a bit older, it’s ok. More people are driving cars with a lot of miles on them. The average age of cars and trucks on US roads has reached 11.8 years.

People are able to keep their vehicles longer because of technological improvements. Longer financing is another reason cars are hanging around. Some original owners are stretching payments across six or seven-year terms. Western states have the oldest average cars at 12.4 years.

The Northeast only has a 10.9-year average. The state with the highest average vehicle age is Montana at 16.6 years. Vermont has the lowest average car age of 9.9 years.

How old is your car? Have you thought about getting a new car or is the one you have just fine for you?