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Diddy Is Thinking About Bringing Back ‘Making the Band’ Diddy took to social media on Monday to reminisce on television history. According to the Hip-Hop mogul he’s thinking of bringing his classic reality show, Making The Band back. 

“…I’m trying to figure out my schedule for the next 24 months…but MTV called me out of nowhere and was like, ‘What do you think about partnering and bringing Making the Band back?'”

The original Making The Band show gave us such great T.V. moments such as those featuring Dylan or the infamous walk to get a Junior’s Cheesecake, Diddy’s fear is that it could be hard to top those moments or that his intensity would be too much for current artists.

Do you think Diddy should bring back Making The Band? If so, Diddy wants you to use the hashtag, #IWantMyMTB on your favorite social media platform.