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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello continue to insist they’re just friends, but their fans are questioning whether that’s indeed true or not.

The two have been spending a ton of time together since they recorded their song “Senorita,” but it was a recent video of the two seemingly cuddling in a restaurant in the super early morning hours of July 7 that really sent the rumor mill into full effect.

TMZ obtained the footage and shared it, which you can see below:

Shawn Mendes Cuddling With Camila Cabello During Late-Night Eats

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are looking like they're more than just friends, cuddling together in a booth during some late-night eats ... images that will add more fuel to the dating rumor fire.

Hours later, Camila and Shawn reunited with his mother and sister. Afterward, the two were spotted holding hands.

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Still, according to Hollywood Life’s sources, the two aren’t putting a “label” on their relationship, especially since Camila is fresh off of a breakup.

“They aren’t putting any labels on what they are or are not right now because they have been friends for so long. They also can’t deny the attraction they have for each other and the genuine feelings of liking each other more than just friends,” the source, who’s close to both Shawn and Camila, told the site. “They both are eager to try something more. But are also scared to dive in because they don’t want to ruin their friendship and hurt each other’s feelings down the road if it doesn’t work out.”